Where is methane gas found?

Answer Methane gas (and natural gas, which is largely methane) is found near oil deposits. It is formed in pockets where microorganisms have produced the gas near the surface, and also deep within the ear... Read More »

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Who found methane?

Alessandro Volta, an Italian scientist whose primary field of work was electricity, is credited with the discovery of methane. Vacationing at Lake Maggiore in Italy in 1778, Volta noticed large bub... Read More »

What is methane gas?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), methane gas is a type of greenhouse gas. Methane has been cited for its role in global warming.SignificanceAccording to the EPA, methane trap... Read More »

Is methane gas unstable?

Stability in chemistry is when a material is not particularly reactive. Methane is very reactive and is therefore unstable. Methane is subject to combustion and is particularly reactive with formal... Read More »

Is methane gas flammable?

Methane is flammable. It is a combustible gas that is lighter than air. It is the major constituent of natural gas, and is produced by decaying organic matter. Methane is explosive at concentration... Read More »