Where is a federal marshal allowed to carry a gun?

Answer almost anywhere

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How to Become a US Marshal?

Individuals interested in serving and protecting the United Sates and those with a desire for law enforcement should consider how to become a US Marshal. Marshals are central to the federal justice... Read More »

How is the salary of an air marshal?

The PayScale Report states that air or sky marshals start off with an annual salary of $41,538 to $55,500 as of April 2010. Those with one to four years of experience earn $49,132 to $61,674. Those... Read More »

US Marshal Qualifications?

The U.S. Marshals Service performs a variety of law enforcement activities in the United States. They protect judges, apprehend federal fugitives, transport federal prisoners, seize criminally-obta... Read More »

Salary of a US Marshal in New York?

Although classic western films popularized the image of federal marshals roaming the countryside to keep the peace much like a police officer, modern U.S. Marshals serve a much more specific role, ... Read More »