How is the busenes in indianapolis goes?

Answer 17% improval since before

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Who won the first Indianapolis 500 race?

The first Indianapolis 500 race was won by Ray Harroun on May 30, 1911. Harroun averaged 74.602 miles per hour to beat out 39 other racers. His winning car is widely credited as the first automobil... Read More »

There are many Italians in indianapolis?

There are some. Holy Rosary Church has served the Italian community in Indianapolis for over a hundred years. There's an Italian festival there each year.

What food is Indianapolis is known for?

How can everyone not mention Breaded Pork Tenderlions? You'll never forgive yourself if you visit Indiana and not try one. There are many places around Indy the say th have the best and they are al... Read More »

Moving to indianapolis...?

well Indianapolis is alot bigger than Peoria, ILL so there will definiately be alot more diversity.2nd Indianapolis is the fastest growing region in the midwest so there is more diversity and peopl... Read More »