Where is kojic acid found?

Answer Kojic acid was first discovered in Japan in 1907 and was derived from a mushroom. Kojic acid s promoted as an effective lightening treatment for skin discolorations such as age spots and freckles. ... Read More »

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What Is Kojic Acid Used For?

As with many popular forms of alternative medicine and treatments, kojic acid in a natural by-product that has taken on a new use in recent years. Created by species of fungi, this acid takes on ma... Read More »

What is Kojic Acid Soap?

Kojic acid soap is used as a skin lightening agent for people who may have sun spots, freckles and other forms of pigmentation on their face, hands and neck. There are several types of Kojic acid s... Read More »

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation With Kojic Acid?

Hyperpigmentation, in which parts of the skin get darker than the rest of the skin, can be unsightly, particularly on the face. Often, it is caused by sun damage, acne or heredity, but it can have ... Read More »

What Skincare Products Contain Kojic Acid?

Kojic acid is a natural extract found in mushrooms and is available in a variety of skin lightening products and bleaching creams. Does this Spark an idea?