Where is the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem?

Answer The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is located at the following address: U.S. Consulate General, Jerusalem, 18 Agron Road, Jerusalem 94190. It was set up in 1844 near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's "Old C... Read More »

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Where is Jerusalem, Israel on the world globe?

The city of Jerusalem is located in central Israel in the Middle East region between the African and Asian continents. The city is situated just northwest of the Dead Sea and west of the Jordanian ... Read More »

Where can i buy school pizza the retangle yummy pizza i miss it?

My husband says Sysco may be the source... I hope some one knows for sure... I want it too..

What are the differences between Italian pizza, Korean pizza, Taiwanese pizza and American pizza?

Pizza comes to the rest of the world from Naples, Italy.Italian pizza (Neoplitan Pizza) - The group, Associazione vera pizza napoletana, created a standard pizza so the true traditional Neoplitan ... Read More »

Is anyone a Physical therapist(DPT) that lives in Manhattan (midtown,upper east/west side, lower Manhattan)?

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