Where is it legal to buy Everclear alcohol?

Answer Everclear is legal in every state, but sometimes in a restricted proof. As Alcoholism Information states, "it is illegal to purchase Everclear (190 proof) in... California, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio... Read More »

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Is everclear alcohol available in australia?

About the closest in alcohol content I could find was Spirytus (190 proof/90% ABV) followed by Bacardi 151 (151 proof/ 75.5%) at Dan Murphy's

Who makes Everclear alcohol?

Everclear is a grain alcohol made by Luxco. The beverage was purchased in 1980 by the David Sherman Corporation, a private label bottler, and in 2006 the company was re-branded as Luxco.Source:Luxc... Read More »

Is Everclear legal in Michigan?

The 150 proof version of Everclear is legal and sold on Michigan. The 150 proof version contains an alcohol concentration of 75.5%. The original 190 proof version of Everclear is not legal in the s... Read More »

Why is alcohol legal while weed isn't?

Don't think you have your facts in order. Both are dangerous drugs with dangerous side effects. The difference is one is legal and the other one isn't. The legal issues on marijuanna have to do ... Read More »