How to Do a 360 Indy?

Answer Here is how you can do a 360 Indy on a skateboard. It is a fun trick to do if you can do a 360 and a indy. This trick may also enhance your performance on a skateboard

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How to Indy on a Skateboard?

This is an awesome skateboard trick whether on a ramp, flatground or vert. The trick is when you ollie but grab the middle of the board with your back hand.

How to Do an Indy on Heelys?

A good trick to do in a skating competition or to show off to your friends.

How to Do an Indy Grab on a Snowboard?

Can you snowboard all the way down the hill without falling? Are you ready for jumps? Then try an Indy Grab: it's basically the simplest grab on a snowboard.

How to Indy on a Tech Deck?

Of course you know all about Tech-Decks. But do you know the Indy? Of course you do! But, Do you know have to execute an Indy? ...*Awkward silence*... Well, if you're willing to learn how to do the... Read More »