Where is house in movie The Haunting?

Answer The house used in the film is located in Grantham, England, and is owned by the University of Evansville (Indiana). It is called the Harlaxton Manor .

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Where was the movie"Animal House"filmed?

"Animal House" was filmed on location in Eugene, Oregon. The 1978 Universal Pictures film, directed by John Landis, was filmed on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. Additional locations inc... Read More »

What is the movie where the girl finds herself dead of an overdose below the house?

That wasn't a movie that was a scene from the TV show "American Horror Story". It is where the ghost Tate finds Violet (the daughter of the family that has moved into the haunted house) dying and h... Read More »

How to Be Haunting?

Haunting people have a certain vibe about them that leave you thinking about them long after you've met them. They seem to have a secret past, deep thoughts, and senses beyond the regular 6.

Is A Haunting real?

no idiot they made that show because they were bored to scare people like oh my god a clown is in their house what is he going to do amuse them to death