How old is the Hoover Dam?

Answer As of 2010, the Hoover Dam is 74 years old. The construction of Hoover Dam began on April 20, 1931. Originally, seven years were allotted to finish the dam. However, the dam was completed early. Th... Read More »

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When did you last hoover under the bed?

I can't actually remember when, but I've definitely done it it, at least once! I buy a lot of carpets.

What state is the Hoover Dam in?

The Hoover Dam straddles the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona, so it technically lies in both states. Las Vegas, Nevada is the closest major city to the Hoover Dam, with only 30 miles betw... Read More »

Which Hoover SteamVac is the best?

On One Hand: Consumer Reports Likes the Dual-V SteamVacConsumer Reports ranked eight top carpet cleaners on its subscription-based website, and the top two were Hoover SteamVacs. The SteamVac All T... Read More »

Who was the architect of the Hoover Dam?

Gordon Kaufman was the architect of the Hoover Dam. Kaufman was an English-descended American architect based out of Southern California. Kaufman complemented the concrete surfaces of the dam with ... Read More »