Where was the Helsinki Agreement made?

Answer Sometimes called the Helsinki Accords, the Helsinki Agreement was made in Helsinki, Finland, on August 1, 1975. The purpose of the agreement was to reduce tension between the Soviet Union and the n... Read More »

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If someone knows site where i can book a train tickets from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (Finland)?

The Finnish railway company VR Group (Valtionrautatiet) has online booking.

How to Travel by Tram in Helsinki?

Helsinki Tram network is effective way to get around in the capital of the Finland. If you are coming for holiday, tram is good way to get around the city,

How to Travel by Helsinki Metro?

If you ever travel to Helsinki,the capital of Finland, you might want to know about it's public transportation.Helsinki Metro is small system if compared with London Underground or New York Subway,... Read More »

What is the helsinki agreement?

The Helsinki Agreement, better known as the Helsinki Accords, was intended to improve cooperation and ease Cold War tensions between the countries of the Soviet and Western blocs. Considered a sign... Read More »