Where is hawaii on the globe?

Answer The location of Honolulu, Hawaii is 21 degrees, 20 seconds North latitude and 157 degrees, 55 seconds West longitude. Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean, between the West coast of the United States and... Read More »

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Who created the first globe?

Created between the years 1490 and 1492, the first globe was the invention of Martin Behaim of Germany, with assistance by artist Georg Glockendon. The "Nürnberg Terrestrial Globe" was fashioned f... Read More »

Who invented the globe?

A Greek named Crates of Mallus built what is believed to have been the first globe in 140 B.C. His globe was based on limited geographical knowledge, however, because much of the world had not yet ... Read More »

Who made the first globe?

The first globe was created by a German cartographer named Martin Behaim. He began work on his globe in 1490 and finished it in 1492. It is available for viewing in the German National Museum in Nu... Read More »

When was the globe first built?

Crates of Mallus, a Greek, was thought to create the first globe of Earth in 140 B.C. It is unknown exactly what this globe contained, since the Greeks' knowledge of the world was limited.Source:Ea... Read More »