Where is granite mined?

Answer The first granite to be mined in the United States was in Vermont, during the 1700s. By 1900, there were at least 60 granite quarries in Vermont. Today, there is only one fully operational quarry i... Read More »

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Where is red granite mined?

Granite is excavated from quarries all over the world. The country of origin can be determined by its color. Red granite typically comes either from Egypt or the U.S. Other colors in granite includ... Read More »

Where is gypsum mined?

The mineral gypsum is found worldwide near the surface of the earth. The United States, Australia and Canada are the top three producers of gypsum. Oklahoma, California, Iowa, Texas, Nevada, Michig... Read More »

Where are garnets mined?

Garnet can be found all over the world, but very few deposits are gem-quality. In the United States, the main states mining garnet for commercial use are New York, Montana and Idaho, although garne... Read More »

Where is soapstone mined?

Most of the soapstone installed in the United States is mined in either the Mariana or Goias areas of Brazil. Soapstone is also mined in other parts of the world including Virginia, Finland, Vermon... Read More »