Where is good place to keep the TV controller ..?

Answer Women have it placed on the TV or couch table. Men keep it in his hands it switch from left hand to right hand and back and than they take it to bed with em.

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Where is a good place for a girl to place a quote tattoo?

Get it in cursive and put it on your back upper right side, or along ur ribs although the ribs might hurt a bit more.Also I think your idea is a great

How one can become a civil licensed controller if one is already working as a military controller with Indian air force?

Is U-Verse a good place to get Fast speed internet with good prices?

Yes. My computer has "12 GB" and it is fast. Im paying really good price too! So I think you should get AT&T U-Verse. Thats my opinion! Hope it helped! By the way its safe (no viruses)

Give you conferences for references of micro controller based traffic density analyzer cum controller?

on the keybord push menu and connect buuton and wait ,, what remot do u have..??