Where is good place to keep the TV controller ..?

Answer Women have it placed on the TV or couch table. Men keep it in his hands it switch from left hand to right hand and back and than they take it to bed with em.

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Where is a good place for a girl to place a quote tattoo?

Get it in cursive and put it on your back upper right side, or along ur ribs although the ribs might hurt a bit more.Also I think your idea is a great

Where is there a good place to buy a really good camera but a small one others told me costco ?

bestbuy, circuit city, radio shack. radio shack is probably your best bet. they have better customer service. the other 2 just have too many customers and too little employees.

Where can I find spikes to place in pot plants to keep cats out?

ANSWER: You can use vinegar to spray the soil and cats will not bother it. If you must make spikes, I use uncooked spaghetti or plastic forks with the tines pointed up.

What Is a Good Way to Keep Black Eye Shadow in Place Without Special Makeup Products?

Black eye shadow can add drama to the eyes and add a touch of mystery. However, black eye shadow tends to smear and smudge in a relatively short period of time. There are dozens of products on the ... Read More »