Where is garnet usually found?

Answer Garnet, the birthstone for January and an appropriate gift for second to sixth wedding anniversaries, are found in the United States (Arizona), South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, ... Read More »

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Where in the world is garnet found?

Garnet, the birthstone for January, is mined throughout the world. While India, Australia and China produce the majority of the mineral, it is also mined in South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Tu... Read More »

Where is garnet most commonly found?

The popular Mozambique garnet originated in Africa and opened that country to the gemstone industry. Africa remains a regular garnet supplier. Garnets are still found all over the world, including ... Read More »

Where does garnet come from?

Although mined in many places in the world, the majority of modern garnets come from Africa. India, Russia and Central and South American countries also produce garnet. Garnets are primarily deep r... Read More »

Where is Garnet located?

There are three towns and communities named Garnet. Garnet, California, is in Riverside County. Garnet, Montana, is a small town located in Missoula County, near the state's western border. Garnet,... Read More »