Where is fort bragg, california?

Answer Fort Bragg, founded as a military outpost in 1857, is located in the north-west corner of the state of California. A coastal city in Mendocino County, it is a popular stop along the famous highway ... Read More »

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Is there a Trader Joe's in Fort Bragg, California?

There is not a Trader Joe's located in Fort Bragg, California. To visit this store, you must travel to Santa Rosa, California. While it is approximately 90 miles away, you will be able to choose be... Read More »

How many hours to fly from Sacramento California to Fort Bragg North Carolina?

Most soldiers reporting into Fort Bragg arrive in Raleigh-Durham, and get transported by road from there. Flight times seem to take between five and nine hours, as none of the sites I've looked at ... Read More »

Were is fort bragg?

If you're referring to the military installation, it's in North Carolina, near Fayetteville. There's also a town in California called Fort Bragg.

What is the zipcode for fort bragg nc?