Where is foreign currency traded?

Answer Spot Forex trading takes place through Over the Counter (OTC) markets, where participants trade directly with each as opposed to through a trading exchange, in which the exchange acts as an interme... Read More »

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How are foreign stocks traded?

A significant number of foreign companies trade on the U.S. stock exchanges. For most investors, it is safer and more cost effective to invest in the U.S.-listed foreign stocks than trying to open ... Read More »

Foreign Currency Rules?

To protect national or regional interests, central banks, governments, and national customs agencies may act to impose rules on the transport or exchange of foreign currency.

How to Add Foreign Currency to Quicken?

Quicken is the little sister to Quickbooks, a popular financial software application created for small businesses. Like Quickbooks, Quicken helps to automate the accounting and bookkeeping function... Read More »

Where can you trade in foreign currency?

Those traveling to a foreign country find that inevitably they must exchange some of their dollars for local currency. If you manage to spend all the money you have exchanged, you don't have to wor... Read More »