How to Test Out of High School in California?

Answer In California students can take the California High School Proficiency Exam, or CHSPE, in order to leave school early. Students who need to leave school for employment, or to pursue other options m... Read More »

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Ways to Graduate From High School in California?

The California public school system has established a set of graduation requirements that every student must fulfill before receiving a diploma. While most students graduate simply by following the... Read More »

What is the high school graduation rate in California?

California has a soaring high school dropout rate compared to other states. According to California Department of Education, the graduation rate for 2007-08 is 68.3 percent of the public school stu... Read More »

How to Skip a High School Grade Level in California?

Skipping a grade in school is a difficult task and it only happens with the smartest students. There is a way you can skip a grade in formulaic way and no longer need to worry about the grade you d... Read More »

Is the California high school equivalency test available online?

The California High School Proficiency Examination allows you to get your high-school equivalency certificate in the state of California. California offers online registration for the test. The act... Read More »