What episode of Castle was it where Castle is standing and looking out of a rainy window and his mother is standing behind him in a turquoise cardigan?

Answer Its green light (freemasons mix) beyonce

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Where can i find quicky restaurants Like ones where it's in a castle or you know really unique?

Dear Blah Blah,Try Ninja at 25 Hudson Street in TriBeCa in Manhattan. It's set in a medieval Ninja village. Staff members in costume do tableside magic.Enoy!Spikey

What is the name of the 90's children TV show where kids travelled to some medieval place where there was a dark knight and a castle?

Which episode in Castle series in ABC that castle sneaking Beckett reading book in bathroom?

Kathy Cox, the Superintendint of Georgia. She won 1,000,000 by the question:Who was the longest reining british monarch?

Where is Neuschwanstein castle on a map?

The Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the mountain town of Schwangau near Munich in Germany. The town and castle can be found within the state of Bavaria, which occupies the southeast corner of G... Read More »