Where is camp taji, iraq?

Answer According to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, Camp Taji, an American military camp, is located about 20 miles north of Baghdad. It contains air conditioned housing for the troops, gyms... Read More »

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Where is Taji, Iraq?

Taji lies in an area about 20 miles north of Baghdad. It is located in the Sunni triangle and was originally a Republican Guard base. It is now home to a major United States military base.Reference... Read More »

How many miles is Taji, Iraq, from Baghdad, Iraq?

Taji is 11 miles northwest of Baghdad, according to MapQuest. Several military establishments are in the area, including the Al Taji military airfield and Al Taji Camp, both located outside the tow... Read More »

Is Taji a city in Iraq?

Taji is a town in Iraq, not a city. It is located about 20 miles north of Baghdad, which is the capital of Iraq. The town is also called Al Taji or At Taji.Source:Iraq Image: Bowse TajiGlobal Secur... Read More »

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