Where is the U.S.embassy of Brazil?

Answer The United States embassy in the Brazilian capital city of Brasilia is located at: SES - Av. das Nações, Quadra 801, Lote 03 70403-900 - Brasilia, DFThe building handles common embassy functions... Read More »

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Where to buy homeopathic remedies in Brazil.?

When u arrive here, just ask to the taxi driver to leave u, there is shop of homeopathic in every block…

Where do Brazil nuts grow?

Brazil nuts grow naturally in areas of the Amazon rainforest with a dry season lasting from three to five months. These areas are located in "Colombia, the Guianas, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Boli... Read More »

Where is sugar cane grown in Brazil?

Over 80 percent of the sugar cane grown in Brazil grows in the southeastern region of the nation, according to the USDA website. The remaining 15 to 20 percent of sugar cane grown is in northeaste... Read More »

Where is the American embassy in Brazil located?

The United States embassy to Brazil is located in Brasilia. Brasilia is the capital and 4th largest city in Brazil. The mailing address is:SES - Av. das Nações, Quadra 801, Lote 0370403-900 - Bra... Read More »