Where is birch bay?

Answer Birch Bay is located on the Pacific U.S. coast, in the northwest corner of Washington State. It is 100 miles north of Seattle and 6 miles south of British Columbia, Canada. Birch Bay is a popular ... Read More »

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Where can i buy a block of Birch Burl wood?

Look for a woodworking club in your area. The woodworking group in my area is always sending message to its members asking questions like this.

Where are birch trees found in the world?

Birch trees are located in northern temperate, boreal and arctic zones in the Northern Hemisphere, in both North America and Asia. The birch is capable of withstanding the severe cold of the northe... Read More »

Where are birch trees located in Illinois?

Forests containing birch trees can be found in the extreme northern region of the state. The species of birch tree common to Illinois is the yellow birch, which usually grows in woods amongst maple... Read More »

Where do paper birch trees grow?

The paper birch is native to Canada and the northern United States. It grows well in USDA hardiness zones 2 through 6, which are based on the average low temperature of a region. The scientific nam... Read More »