How to Breed Bengal Cats?

Answer The Bengal cat is a relatively new breed in the feline world. A cross between a domesticated short hair and the wild Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals are a good choice for those who enjoy the rarity of t... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Bengal Cat?

Bengal cats are exotic. They are hybrids of a Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic feline. Who doesn't want something "wild" living in their house? Here is how to take care of them.

How to Get White Bengal Tigers in Zoo Tycoon 2?

In Zoo Tycoon 2, you get the chance to create your own dream zoo. This is how to get white bengal tigers.

Do Bengal tigers live in the Amazon?

Bengal tigers don't live in the Amazon; instead, they inhabit the forests and grasslands of India, Bangladesh, China, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar in South Asia. Wildcat species that live in South Ame... Read More »

Is the bengal tiger on the endangered species list?

According to National Geographic, all five tiger subspecies, including the Bengal tiger, are endangered. Tigers are hunted for their skins and body parts for use in traditional Asian medicines, and... Read More »