In your opinion, which is better and tell me why...Bank of America, or US bank.?

Answer US Bank. I used to work for BofA and let me tell you, I wouldn't trust them with a nickle.

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How do I pay Bank of America online?

Logging InOpen your browser and navigate to In the top left corner you will see a box labeled "Online Banking." Type your user name in this box and click "Sign In." If you have n... Read More »

How to Buy Bank of America Stock?

If you feel that the banking sector in general and Bank of America in particular are set to outperform the stock market as a whole, investing in this stock makes a lot of sense. While bank stocks c... Read More »

Who has the most stock in Bank of America?

As reported on February 15, 2009, Kenneth D. Lewis, the former CEO of Bank of America, is the largest direct shareholder of the company, with 1,430,026 shares. The largest institutional and overall... Read More »

When did the first bank open in America?

The First Bank of the United States was opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1791. The bank, which was conceived by Alexander Hamilton, was originally housed in Carpenters' Hall before moving to... Read More »