Where is asbestos mined?

Answer Asbestos is found mostly in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Eastern Europe and parts of the former Soviet Union. Chrysotile is the most common form of asbestos and is mined in Greece, Cypr... Read More »

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ASBESTOS....should my hubby knock down shed full of asbestos?

DON'T DO IT!!! That would send asbestos buy the load into the air for him to inhale. He should tell his brother to contact a contractor to remove it properly or he could be seriously risking his he... Read More »

How is pumice mined?

Deposits of pumice stone are found on every continent around the world. Surface mining methods are used to remove this light, porous, volcanic rock from rock quarries and open pit mines.OriginsPumi... Read More »

Where is quartzite mined?

Outside of the United States, locations of quartzite mines include Australia, Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the United States, quartzite mines are located in ... Read More »

Where is granite mined?

The first granite to be mined in the United States was in Vermont, during the 1700s. By 1900, there were at least 60 granite quarries in Vermont. Today, there is only one fully operational quarry i... Read More »