Where is application to scan prices?

Answer why do you people ask incomplete questions?please edit your question if you want an answer.

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I found system vulnerabilities & Vulnerable Application After scan?

Apply the updates for Java and flash. But don't worry or get paranoid over it. Leave that to the MD at Oracle who is on big bucks smoking his cigar laughing at us fools. And later there will be mor... Read More »

Registry error scan - are they all scams, or does a useful, reputable application for this exist?

Yes, they are real and I feel they ARE helpful. They remove any erroneous entries (like from old programs that are uninstalled) and keep the registry clean.I prefer CCleaner by Pirform, as it also ... Read More »

I captured my signature by digital camera for a online application, can i use this sign instead of scan?

yes you can, but make sure to re-size your signature and if possible remove the background using Photoshop.

When attempting to scan to a computer using the scan to function on the front panel, a No Scan Options?

Have you tried uninstalling your scanner and then installing again? Try this and see if it helps if not call or go to a nearby electronic store (Best Buy, CirCuit City) and ask them why is your sca... Read More »