Where is a woman's urethra?

Answer A woman's urethra is situated behind the symphysis pubis area where the two pelvic bones meet in the front of the pelvis. The urethra is embedded within the front wall of the vagina, according to T... Read More »

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Where is my urethra?

A woman's urethra is located between her clitoris and the opening of her vagina. In a man, the opening of his urethra is located in the tip of his penis. It is an S-shaped tube that's about 20 cent... Read More »

What is the length of the urethra?

The urethra is the canal for transporting urine to the outside of the body. In females, the urethra is approximately 4 cm long. In males, the urethra serves as a transport for both urine and reprod... Read More »

How wide is the urethra?

According to Grey's Anatomy, the female urethra is about 6 millimeters wide. The male urethra varies in width, as it flows through the reproductive organs. At it's widest, the male urethra is 3 mil... Read More »

Which system is the urethra in?

The urethra is part of the urinary tract system. It is a tube that exits the bladder and allows urine to leave the body. Other parts of the urinary system include the kidneys and ureters.References... Read More »