Where is a urinary catheter inserted in women?

Answer Urinary catheters are devices that help drain urine. In women, urinary catheters are usually inserted in the urethra. Urinary catheters are used to treat incontinence and urinary retention and are ... Read More »

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As a diagnostic procedure, a catheter (thin tube) can be inserted into a heart chamber and the pressures there?

How Do I Travel by Air with a Urinary Catheter?

Air travel can conjure up feelings of nervousness and trepidation even for those without additional medical issues. Passengers with special medical needs travel each day by air and airlines are wel... Read More »

How to Use a Urinary Catheter for a Female?

Urinary catheters drain urine from the bladders of patients who cannot empty their bladders on their own, or whose limited mobility prevents them from going to the toilet. Inserting a catheter into... Read More »

Is a urinary tract infection dangerous for women with a cerclage?

On One Hand: Dangers of CerclageCervical cerclage entails some risk of infection to the cervix and injury to the bladder, according to the Encyclopedia of Surgery. Injury might trigger inflammation... Read More »