Where is a stem cell found?

Answer A few different types of stem cells exist, according to Amniotic fluid stem cells are found in the fluid that surrounds a developing baby in a woman's uterus. Adult stem cells are f... Read More »

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Where are stem cells found in the human body?

Stem cells can be found in small numbers in the human body. In adults, blood stem cells are found in the bone marrow; in newborns, stem cells are located in the umbilical cord. Recently, scientist... Read More »

Where are stem cells found in the adult body?

Stem cells are found in a few places in the adult body. Stem cells are found in the bone marrow as well as in a variety of tissues and organs, such as the brain, heart, skin, teeth, liver and other... Read More »

Where did stem cell research originate?

Stem cell research originated with the efforts of James E. Till and Ernest A. McCulloch. Till and McCulloch were Canadian scientists who undertook research during the 1960s that resulted in the mor... Read More »

How many stem cells are there in a stem cell line?

A stem cell line is created when a fertilized egg splits into individual cells. According to the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah, a single cell will continue to divide and... Read More »