Where is a good resturant in dallas It is my girlfriends 35th bday.?

Answer My wife and I were in Dallas last year for the Redskins game. We lost the game but, we found , great restaurant, Victor Tango's. We loved the place! When we come back in November, this time to kic... Read More »

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Where is a good resturant to go out in dallas?

Golddigger alert!!But to answer your question try Bob's Steak and Chop House on Lemmon.

What are some recommendations for a 35th bday party for a woman whos a fasionista?

Maybe somewhere that has good tea and sandwiches or a nice brunch setup

Can anyone recommend a good place to go for an 18th bday?

There are lots of nice restaurants in NYC. It is not easy to pick any to recommend for u, depending on many things.But I know a smart research tool: to find out all restaurants ea... Read More »

What r some good 15 bday cake ideas for girls! i need help! i would like something outrageous!?

I have been a cake decorator for about two years and cakes with feathers and diamonds seem quite popular? like burlesque style, not so long ago i made a Gucci shoe cake and a Las Vegas themed cake ... Read More »