Where is a good place to get a computer?

Answer At the food court in the mall

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Good place to learn about computer hardware ?

Toms hardware is great is overclocker.net anandtech is pretty good too.annadtech and toms do hardware reviews as well where the com... Read More »

Where is a good place I can sell my desktop computer?

look at local places, there's a place in my city that buys old computers & parts and either refurbishes them or uses them for parts.I had a desk top & 2 laptops 5-10 years old and I got $300.00 for... Read More »

Where is a good place for a girl to place a quote tattoo?

Get it in cursive and put it on your back upper right side, or along ur ribs although the ribs might hurt a bit more.Also I think your idea is a great

How can I place my pictures in my computer Sorry not Computer savvy~?

You can use a digital camera to take pics and upload them, or you can buy a scanner and scan them in. HP has the best stuff around with reasonable prices.