Where is a good place to buy a video camera?

Answer I would have to say either walmart or radio shack. I think walmart would have the cheaper of the prices, but the quality would have to go to radio shack. I bought my video camera from Radio shack... Read More »

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Where's a good place to get a cheap video camera?

I guarantee you these stores:http://www.bhphotovideo.com

Where is there a good place to buy a really good camera but a small one others told me costco ?

bestbuy, circuit city, radio shack. radio shack is probably your best bet. they have better customer service. the other 2 just have too many customers and too little employees.

Where can i buy a good video camera?

bestbuy, a great film school is in hollywood, cacheck it out

Where can i get a cheap good quality video camera?

Cheap & Good video camera -…