Where is a good place to meet at Zurich Airport?

Answer Pretty sure you'll arrive in the same terminal, but I think it's probably easier to arrange to meet outside the gates (then again, I've never arrived at the airport "with" anyone before, so I don't... Read More »

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Where would there be a good and safe place to meet someone?

I always use Starbucks or Peet's Coffee. Drinks are quick and easy. These places are always busy so you'd have plenty of witnesses if the person was being a jerk. Plus everything is recorded.

Where is a good place to park in Portland Maine to get to Five Guys burgers and fries?

This is the same question i ask my self every night

Wants a good place to meet hot sugar momma?

Wheres a good place to meet single women in the Phoenix area?

against the rules here kiddo. Don't get caught or reported. Might be banned