Where is the zara in the anatomy of the eye?

Answer There is no part of the eye called the zara. The major parts of the eye are as follows: the iris, the cornea, the pupil, the lens, the sclera, the vitreous gel, the macula, the retina, the fovea an... Read More »

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Is anyone a Physical therapist(DPT) that lives in Manhattan (midtown,upper east/west side, lower Manhattan)?

Living in Manhattan is great. You are usually only within 20 minutes of anything you need and that includes transporation getting there. However, finding a decent affordable apartment is almost i... Read More »

Where to eat in Manhattan?

I used to live in West New York,NJ and my bf was in Jersey Boys so we would always get dinner in the city between shows on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I recommend just about anything on 9th avenue b... Read More »

Where to eat in Manhattan on a Saturday night?

I live in the UK and have only been to New York / Manhattan once, we ate in some really expensive places but to be honest to me as a tourist the city buzzed it really was the city that never slept ... Read More »

Where are all of the residential towers in Manhattan?

Go to and type in zip code 10036. Do this for Houses for sale, and search other zip codes around it as well. You should find something to your liking.Good luck!