Where is Wyoming located on a map?

Answer Wyoming is located in the northwest-central part of the United States. It is bordered by Montana to the north, Idaho and Utah to the west, Colorado to the south and South Dakota and Nebraska to the... Read More »

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Where was the first post-explorer settlement located in Wyoming?

After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, many trappers, explorers and traders headed west to discover new opportunities in Wyoming. The territory's first permanent settlement at Fort William was found... Read More »

How close is Yellowstone, Wyoming, to Pinedale, Wyoming?

The vast Yellowstone National Park covers parts of three states: Montana, Idaho and northwest Wyoming. Pinedale is a small town located in central Wyoming's Sublette County. Yellowstone at its near... Read More »

Homestead Act of Wyoming?

The Wyoming Homestead Act is part of the Wyoming Code of Civil Procedure, specifically found at Chapter 20 of that section of the state's laws. The Wyoming Homestead Act is designed to provide Wyom... Read More »

Does Wyoming have sales tax?

Wyoming has a 4 percent sales tax that applies to most items, as of 2010. In Wyoming there is also an optional 1 percent sales tax that can be levied at the discretion of the municipality.Reference... Read More »