Where is Toyota made?

Answer The Toyota Motor Company is the seventh-largest company in the world and it has production facilities in over 28 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Turkey, South Africa... Read More »

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Where is the toyota iq made?

Toyota manufactures the IQ at its Takaoka plant in Japan for sale in Asian and European countries. Dubbed a "microcar," Toyota does not sell the vehicle in the United States, but may sell it in the... Read More »

Where is toyota highlander made?

Since the Toyota Highlander's debut in 2000, more than a million of the vehicles have been sold in the United States. As of late 2009, the Highlander is manufactured at a Toyota plant located in Pr... Read More »

Where is the Toyota Yaris made?

Most Toyota Yaris models are made in Japan at the Yakaoka Plant, where it is known as the Vitz. The Yaris is also built in France as the Vitz, and it is built in China, Taiwan and Thailand as the Y... Read More »

When were Toyota vehicles first made?

The first Toyota vehicle was made in 1936 by Kiichiro Toyoda. He first researched and completed the AA Sedan and eventually created the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd as a branch from his father, Sakichi To... Read More »