Where is Tianjin, China?

Answer Tianjin is a city located in northeast China near the coast of the Bohai Sea. Tianjin is located just southeast of Beijing and is the third largest city in China.Source:Google Maps: Tianjin ChinaCh... Read More »

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How can you use at and t ver iPad2 3G in China When I tried a 3G sim card of China Unicom it didn't connect to the Internet.?

The Difference Between Wallace China & True West China?

The now-defunct Wallace China Company created its collection of "Westward Ho Barbecue Ware" in the 1940s, featuring artwork by American artist Till Goodan. True West is a Texas-based china company ... Read More »

Why are most made-in-China electronic products cheaper to buy in US than in China?

Its a very complex thing . But I will try to make it simple.Usually the tactic is used when a country's domestic output of the good is falling and imports from foreign competitors are rising, parti... Read More »

Was the Great Wall of China in China in the 1400s?

The Great Wall of China was in China in the 1400s, but it was not finished yet. Construction on the wall began during the Warring States Period, which was 476 BC to 221 BC, and was completed in th... Read More »