I have a little girl in my class she wont talk but her mom said she does at home?

Answer If the child has just started then it would be quite normal, children will be shy when they first attend daycare but parents have a habit of comparing their child with others of the same age, to se... Read More »

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Where do you ejaculate if you don't want to get a girl pregnant?

Into the inside of the condom you're wearing. Withdrawal techniques are haphazard as you may ejaculate unexpectedly.As far away from a female as possible. She should not come in contact with an ere... Read More »

I really want to talk via email to an American, I want to train my English?

If you want to talk to a railroader, you're in the right place.See the menu bar under your question? See the little "f" in the blue square? Hit it. It'll take you to FaceBook.

Can a 16 almost 17 year old girl choose to live where they want in the state of Florida?

I am not quite sure, but probably not. The reason for this is that you are legally under the control of your guardian until you are 18.

Where is Bo Brady and why doesn't he want to come home?

The writers have gone off the crazy end TRYING to keep Bo actor Peter Reckell's character alive and part of the soap ..... either he is in or he is out, and let's move on, it's not fair to his fans... Read More »