Where is johns hopkins university located?

Answer Johns Hopkins University is an academic research and teaching institution. As of 2011, it has nine divisions spread over two main campuses located in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The u... Read More »

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How to Write a Good College Essay for an Application to Johns Hopkins University?

You are one of many smart students applying for undergraduate admission at Johns Hopkins University. How will you make yourself stand out? Learn to blend your academic background and personal expe... Read More »

Where did the name long johns come from?

The use of "long john" as a slang term for underwear appears to date to the World War II era, when it was used to describe the winter undergarments issued to soldiers, according to World Wide Word... Read More »

Is Johns an Indian surname?

According to the Surname Database, the surname, Johns, is derived from the Hebrew name, Yochanan, meaning "He who Jehovah has favored (with a son)." The English version, Johns (also Jones and Johns... Read More »

While pregnant is it okay to take st johns wart?

Answer Typically, yes. Check with your doctor first. Sam-e is expensive, but may be better for you. Also, be sure it is "prescription grade" before you buy any herb. "store grade" herbs are allowe... Read More »