Where is Samoa on the world map?

Answer Samoa is a two-island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa, which gained its independence in 1962, has a population of just over 192,000 people.Ref... Read More »

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Where is American Samoa National Park?

The National Park of American Samoa is on the small U.S.-controlled island of American Samoa, as suggested by the name. To be more exact, the park is located approximately two and a half miles nort... Read More »

Where is the American Samoa national park?

The National Park of American Samoa is located on four different American Samoa islands in the South Pacific Ocean: Ta'u, Tutuila, Ofu and Olosega. American Samoa is southwest of Hawaii and northea... Read More »

Where in American Samoa is the Panama rubber tree found?

A native to Central and South America, the Panama rubber tree, Castilla elastica, is found on the Tutuila Island of American Samoa near Maloata and 'Ili'ili. Considered a highly invasive species, i... Read More »

Islands of American Samoa?

Five distinct islands and two unpopulated atolls make up American Samoa, totaling approximately 78 square miles of land area. The American Samoan islands, located in the South Pacific Ocean, became... Read More »