Is The Seafood as good in the WC Portland as it is in EC Portland?

Answer Well of course it is dear it's very good hear.The main difference is out here we lick our plates clean when were done.We show no MERCY to good eatin'.

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Portland Art Schools?

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What Food Is Portland Known For?

Portland is best know for it's steaks.The meat here is the best you'll love the flavor !!!It's sooo good in the back of your throat as it goes down...mmmm...yumm.You have to be here to know where t... Read More »

Is there a Red Lobster in Portland?

Yes Rosie there are quiet a few...But for an excellent seafood dinner I suggest McGraths.THAT is some good eating.

How come people in Portland, OR?

Why Robo Sexual you have a way with words don't you?They seem to roll right off of your tongue. Your right though...the WC is far different from the EC.But the real question is does the voice make... Read More »