Where is Parker Brothers company located?

Answer Parker Brothers, a leading developer of family board games including Clue, Monopoly, Sorry! and Trivial Pursuit, was originally headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts. Parker Brothers was acquired i... Read More »

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In what year was monopoly published by parker brothers?

Parker Brothers published Monopoly in 1935. Charles B. Darrow presented the first Monopoly design to the executives of Parker Brothers in 1934, but they rejected the game citing 52 design errors. D... Read More »

When was the Parker Brothers game of Jack Straws made?

The game of Jack Straws was first made in the year of 1920 by Parker Brothers. The game was re-made in the year 1974 again by the Parker Brothers Company. This is a very hard game to find and is ... Read More »

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Where is the bic pen company located?

Bic was founded in Clichy, France in 1945. The company has thousands of employees all around the world, but its corporate headquarters are still in Clichy. Its main U.S. office is in Shelton, Conne... Read More »