How far is it from Digby, Nova Scotia to Caribou, Nova Scotia?

Answer Via road, the distance between Digby and Caribou, Nova Scotia is roughly 213 miles. The trip, which travels northeast through such towns as Bridgetown, Windsor and Westville, takes approximately fo... Read More »

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How far is Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from Amherst, Nova Scotia?

By highway, the trip between Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Amherst, Nova Scotia is roughly 120 miles. The drive, which takes you northwest through such cities as Enfield, Stewiacke and Oxford, takes r... Read More »

Father's Rights in Nova Scotia?

In Nova Scotia, Canada, four specific laws address the rights of fathers. The Children and Family Services Act, the Change of Name Act, the Intestate Succession Act and the Maintenance and Custody ... Read More »

How to Incorporate a Company in Nova Scotia?

Incorporating a company in Nova Scotia can be a long process but is ultimately straightforward and rewarding if you fulfill the requirements in the appropriate order. Reading all the available docu... Read More »

How to Become a Nutritionist in Nova Scotia?

To become a nutritionist in Nova Scotia, you must meet qualifications set forth by the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association, which is the governing body for nutritionists and dieticians. There are fewe... Read More »