Where is Nook Color WiFi cheapest?

Answer It's $249 everywhere.

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What exactly are the differences between the nook color and the nook tablet?

Hi, Audi, you weren't paying attention - while outside appearance looks similar between Nook Color and the new Nook Tablet (only lighter shade of grey cover on the new device), inside Nook Tablet i... Read More »

I need help with my new nook! i can't figure out the wifi.?

Hi, Jackie, The easiest to start with any free Wi-Fi spots that do not need password or any other manual intervention as there could be some glitches during the setup as I've seen some posts - don'... Read More »

I need a wifi connection to set up my nook tablet?

You do realize that a wifi connection is something that has to be transmitted by a modem/router locally, where your device is able to receive it?!?!The username and password are what you need to co... Read More »

NOOK Color vs NOOK HD?

the nook color is mostly for reading....while the nook hd is for movies, video and internet...... the nook hd has the best 7in screen out there and no other then tax you shouldnt have to pay for an... Read More »