Raw Diet for a Newfoundland Dog?

Answer The Newfoundland is a large breed of dog with a massive head and muscular body. Males can weigh as much as 150 pounds, while females can reach 120 pounds. The Newfoundland is an active dog on land... Read More »

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Newfoundland Dog Behavior?

According to the online magazine, "Dog Owner's Guide," Newfoundlands are the "teddy bear" of the giant breeds for their sweet dispositions and long, thick coats. Newfoundland males average around 1... Read More »

How to Speak Newfoundland Slang?

Do you have family or friends on the East Coast (Newfoundland)? Can't understand them or want to get into their lingo? Here are some tips on how to speak "Newfinese" or "The Newfie Slang"

What aired at 830 on Fox Network in Newfoundland?

The following receivers support the PIP function: 222, 222k, 512, 522, 622, 625, 722, 722k, and 922. I have provided the instructions for using the feature and the window position on the TV screen... Read More »

Newfoundland Dogs & Seizures?

The Newfoundland breed of dogs is one that that can be a close companion to to their human counterparts. They are commonly used as rescue dogs, especially water rescue, however due to their size, t... Read More »