Where is New Zealand located on the map?

Answer Two main islands comprise New Zealand, situated between the Tasman Sea to the west and the South Pacific Ocean to the east. New Zealand is renowned for its remoteness; its closest neighbor is Austr... Read More »

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Where is Napier, New Zealand?

Napier is on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. Situated on a headland overlooking Hawkes Bay, Napier is 419 kilometers southeast of the nation's largest city, Auckland, and 317 kilomete... Read More »

Where are the good places to go in New Zealand?

Anywhere but Westport on the north west corner of the South Island.Your description sounds like the North Island (apart from the Rotorua area). The South Island tends to ruggedness.If you have see... Read More »

Do you know where I can get Authentic New Zealand Manuka Honey and Oil. not too expensive.?

Sure I do! I was checking out this stuff and there is a cool website:www.allmanuka.comIt sells stuff like that not bad pricing either - they sell other stuff too like candy, chocolate. Worldwide sh... Read More »

What is the old children's TV show where there is a horse called Farrah and it's set in New Zealand - it featured emus?