Where is Mullingar Pewter made?

Answer Mullingar Pewter is a fine-quality, lead-free pewter that is manufactured in Ireland. Items made from Mullingar Pewter include tankards, flasks, jewelry boxes and jewelry, and often depict scenes o... Read More »

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If the seller says the necklace pendant made out of pewter is nickle-free, does it mean it is also lead-free?

Pewter is mostly tin with a little copper. As long add you aren't allergic to those you're fine.

How to Clean Pewter?

Pewter is an alloy metal made primarily from tin mixed with a small amount of lead, copper, bismuth or antimony. Pewter starts out a shade of light gray, and as it ages the metal oxidizes and darke... Read More »

How do I clean an old pewter tea set?

Start GentlyWash each piece of your tea set or service with hot or warm soapy water to remove dirt and tarnish. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use a dishwasher.Decision TimeDec... Read More »

Pewter Types?

According to the PewterCollectorsClub, early civilizations such as Rome, Greece and Egypt used pewter. Once considered a luxury item, pewter became a symbol of gentility and fine manners to colonia... Read More »