What is the origin of the name Marion?

Answer The girl’s name Marion is a variant of the Latin name Mary, which means “star of the sea.” Spelled as “Marian” when it came to Britain in the Middle Ages, Marion began to be used again in... Read More »

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Who is Dan Marion's brother in law?

Your granddaughter is your brother's grand niece (or some would say, great niece).

Who is Marion Starkey?

Marion Starkey was a female historian born in Massachusetts in 1901. She studied at Boston University and Harvard before starting work as an editor. She turned to book writing, and in 1949, she pub... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Marion?

According to Think Baby Names, the name Marion translates to "star of the sea." Marion is considered both a boys and girls name. This name is a variation of Mary and is often spelled Marian.Referen... Read More »

Does Marion Donovan have siblings?

She only had one sibling. Her younger brother, Raymond.