Why is luxembourg a french speaking country?

Answer The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has declared French the official language for civil, legal, and parliament business. High school classes must be taught in French, whereas teachers address elementary ... Read More »

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Does Luxembourg use national ID cards?

Luxembourg does require mandatory national ID cards. This means that citizens of the country are required to have an official country identification card on their person at all times in case of inv... Read More »

How to Call Luxembourg From the United States?

Luxembourg is the world's only remaining Grand Duchy and is in Western Europe. This landlocked country shares borders with Germany, France, and Belgium. United States residents can reach out to a f... Read More »

Why do countries such as Luxembourg , Switzerland and even Germany seem so dull and concrete?

I'm half Austrian half English and spent years of my life in Swiss Boarding Schools and later studied and worked there for some years. What you regard as dullness and concrete is the Germanic way o... Read More »

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