How to Have a Great Time at Lego Land?

Answer Just one of the many amazing sculptures you could find at Lego Land!Going to Lego Land? Do you just not think it's going to be your thing? Just keep reading, and you'll have a great time!

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Where was Lego invented?

The LEGO company was invented in Billund, Denmark, in the early 1930s. The company's name was created by combining the Danish words "leg" and "godt," which means play well. The Automatic Binding Br... Read More »

Where did the LEGO toy originate?

The LEGO building-brick toy originated in the village of Billund in Denmark. The original LEGO manufacturing company was formed in Bullund in 1932 and still maintains its headquarters there as of 2... Read More »

Where did Lego originate?

Lego originated in Billund, Denmark. Ole Kirk Christiansen, a joiner and master carpenter, began his own business in 1932. The company made ironing boards, ladders and wooden toys. In 1934, he name... Read More »

How to Get Blue LEGO Bricks on My Lego Network?

"My LEGO Network" is a game and social networking site designed for children. Players can design their own Web page, interact with friends and trade items with other users. In "MLN," users collect ... Read More »