Where is Kirk Gibson's home run ball?

Answer The home run ball hit by Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series has never been recovered. According to team historian and publications editor Mark Langill in 2007: "It's our biggest mystery; we have ... Read More »

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Are Gibsons and Capital Grille about the same price and quality?

Capital Grille is rated higher than Gibson's on Yelp (though that may not mean a whole lot).…Chowhound forums, I find, are more reliable. For those member... Read More »

Who hit the first home run for the Reds at the Great American Ball Park?

The first Cincinnati Reds player to hit a home run at Great American Ballpark was Austin Kearns, according to the Baseball Almanac. Kearns hit the home run on April 2, 2003, with one man on base, i... Read More »

What does the R stand for on Kirk's tombstone in Where No Man Has Gone Before?

nothing. it was just a continuity error, or a guess bye the person who made the tombstone, at his middle name....

What is kirk herbstreit's income?